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Access on-call expertise

Enjoy concierge advice, connections and support.

You can’t do it all alone.

Sometimes, you just need a different perspective or an objective opinion on an important issue. It could be anything from the way you address your next board meeting, to the suitability of an employee for a particular role. Or maybe you’re looking for a recommendation about a partner, a supplier or an organization you’re thinking of joining.


Whatever it is, you need help quickly from an external source you can trust.

Who we help

CEOs and senior executives who want on-call access to an independent ear when considering their toughest challenges and biggest opportunities, or need help finding the right resources.

How we help

I leverage my expertise, experience and extensive network to get you the answers you’re looking for – and some you didn’t know you needed. I’ll help you challenge, confirm, or change your perspective completely about whatever issue you’re facing.

Your outcomes

  • The peace of mind that comes with always-on access to a trusted advisor.

  • Access to objective or contrary perspectives that you may not otherwise have considered.

  • Connections to new people, resources and opportunities you would never have made otherwise.


Sound interesting? Drop me a line at hm@hamishmackenzie.com, or book a complementary 30-minute call with me directly.

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Phone: +49 (0)89 4613 8171

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Richard-Wagner-Strasse 26B,

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+49 (0)89 4613 8171

Munich, New York

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