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One-to-one collaboration to achieve specific objectives 

I work with business owners, presidents, VPs & SVPs, Directors and other Executives to unlock hidden performance potential. That means using my ThoughtShake™ methodology to find new ways of becoming even more efficient and effective at work, while freeing up more discretionary time (the most accurate indicator of true wealth). Typical benefits include:


  • Improved business performance


  • Lower personal stress


  • More discretionary time


  • Better decision-making

  • Accelerated achievement


How it works:


  • Initial consultation and scope agreement

  • Tailored business and personal objective setting

  • Definition of success metrics in areas such as sales and marketing, business development or channel-to-market optimization

  • Setting of deadlines, action plans, and individual/joint accountabilities

  • Scheduled weekly or bi-weekly calls (telephone or video conference) and face-to-face meetings as appropriate

  • Once-a-month check-in for 3 months after completion

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+49 (0)89 4613 8171