These are the kind of results clients have enjoyed after working with me.

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  • Successful hardware to solution vendor transformations: With a structured, integrated approach to building new value propositions, marketing messages and creating the required change.


  • Increased market awareness: For example, through repositioning and the creation of new, high-resonance value propositions in multiple formats for entire product and solution portfolios.

  • Bulging sales pipelines: For example, six-figure revenue pipeline generated within months of launching a new software solution.

  • Increased revenue from existing customers: Through effective customer engagement strategies.


  • Faster access to dream accounts: Through tailored account-based marketing strategies.

  • Rapid acquisition: Through value proposition redevelopment and product portfolio identity modernization to improve attractiveness to investors.  

  • Smoother integration of new brands: For example, by adding and adapting brand messages, or empowering integrated sales teams following the acquisition of a competitor.

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