Position Your Startup to Win

You have a great idea, a fresh new brand, and you’re funded for launch. I can help you ensure you hit the ground running with sharply focused positioning that gets your startup noticed by the right people quickly.

Identify Your

Valuable Difference

So you have a disruptive idea and a promising offering. But have you really nailed what will make it special in the minds of your prospects? I can help you make sure you hit the value bullseye.

Define Delivery Excellence

More often than you might expect, the unique value you offer will have more to do with how you deliver it, rather than what it is. I can help you design ways to deliver value that disrupt the status quo and turn ordinary customers into persuasive evangelists.

Establish Your

Initial Presence

Whatever collateral you need, from websites to animations, and thought leadership white papers to social media, I work with experienced and talented content experts to put a dramatically effective launch package together.

Let’s Connect!

I have helped dozens of businesses & executives  position themselves for ever greater success. Complete the contact form to request a time-slot in my calendar. Let's have an open discussion about how I can help you and your business.

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