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Overtake your competition

As I was driving back home from Potsdam last week, I was passed by a motorbike doing probably 200km/h.

In Germany, that's not unusual.

What is unusual, is that the rider, who I estimated to be around my size - over 6ft and 200 pounds - was dressed only in a fluffy pink rabbit suit. I can still see the ears flapping away as he roared past.

I doubt I will ever forget that moment.

Most businesses on the other hand, never bother trying to make themselves truly memorable.

And, while I'm not suggesting you start making your staff wear animal costumes, now is a great time to think about how to shake up your positioning, and the value you offer customers.

After all, a lot more businesses are going to disappear forever in the fallout of the pandemic over the next 12-months. You need to do whatever you can to ensure yours isn't one of them.

If you’d like some help in making your business more memorable, contact me today:

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