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Without a trace

While on holiday on the French Atlantic coast this summer, I became obsessed with how sand and feet interact completely differently, depending on how far from the water you are.

Next to the surf, the sand is smooth and shiny, and your feet sink gently into it with every step, only for your footprint to disappear or be washed away instantly.

Up by the dunes, the sand is dry, dull and churned up in a chaotic mess of holes and bumps. Your footprints are poorly defined and get lost among thousands of others.

However, there’s a sweet spot in the middle of the beach where the sand is wet enough for you to leave a print, and dry enough for it to be preserved.

Every business is trying to create a clear metaphorical footprint within its target market. And yet most are playing either too near or too far away from the shore to make a lasting impression.

Good positioning is about finding exactly the right patch of sand to make your mark.

So, where’s yours?

If you’d like some help in finding the perfect market position for your business, product or service, contact me today.

Copyright, Hamish Mackenzie 2019

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