Reshape Your Business Value

Whether you want to reposition an existing B2B business, product or service, establish a new one or break into new markets, I can help you make your offering become first choice among your prospects.

Identify the New Need

Whatever the market or offering, most B2B organizations need to pay more attention to what their customers need, before focusing on what their offering delivers. I can help you get inside customers' heads, understand how their requirements are changing, and identify what you need to do to adapt.

Discover Your

Valuable Difference

“We’ve always done it this way” is a sad epitaph for any business. Avoiding that sorry fate doesn’t have to mean changing a winning formula – see Coca Cola’s attempt to change its recipe in the 1980s for proof! But it does mean looking harder and more often differentiation opportunities that add value, and which your customers will pay more for.

Develop a Compelling Message

B2B technology companies in particular are notorious for focusing all their messages on the product and its features or benefits. Working with me to turn this on its head and focus on customer outcomes from the outset can transform ‘me too’ positioning at a stroke.

Create the Necessary Change

Too many potentially successful positioning projects falter and fail when it comes to implementation. You need to ensure everyone, from employees to partners and suppliers, understands your new message, supports it, and has the tools to help it succeed. This will involve uncomfortable change for some, but short term pain is almost always necessary for long term gain. I can help you execute on the transition.

Let’s Connect!

I have helped dozens of businesses & executives  position themselves for ever greater success. Complete the contact form to request a time-slot in my calendar. Let's have an open discussion about how I can help you and your business.

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