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Reimagine your value

Establish differentiation without touching your product.

Average has no future.

There are still lots of opportunities to become the preferred choice among your prospects, without having to invest in complex and expensive product innovation.


I help businesses of all shapes and sizes differentiate themselves in meaningful ways that don’t break the bank.

Who we help

P&L leaders, divisional heads and other senior executives within large organizations who need to establish clear, value-based differentiation in their markets.

How we help

We help you identify inexpensive new ways to add customer value beyond shiny branding and cute taglines. But think customer experience innovation and buyer enablement, rather than rebuilding your product.

Your outcomes

  • An immediately impactful new value proposition and positioning for your product or service, even in “me too” markets.

  • Correction of inaccurate assumptions in the market that are suffocating sales.

  • Dramatically shorter sales cycles.

  • Increased pipeline.

  • Higher prospect to sale conversion rates.


Sound interesting? Drop me a line at, or book a complementary 30-minute call with me directly.