Sentient Strategy®

Strategy at the speed of change

The days of six-month strategic planning projects that produce five-year plans are over. Or they are if you want your business to survive in a world where regular disruption and constant volatility are the status quo.


The reality is that strategy is not rocket science. Besides, nobody has time for complex, arcane methodologies anymore.


It’s time to change your approach to strategy development and implementation to one that is straightforward, flexible, fast and organic.


An approach that will help you:

  • Successfully evolve your strategy continually in the face of inevitable change

  • Hold people strictly accountable for implementing the required change

  • Achieve your objectives faster and more cost-effectively than you thought possible

That approach is Sentient Strategy®.

What is Sentient Strategy?

Developed by Alan Weiss, one of the world’s most respected consulting experts who has written over 60 books on the subject, Sentient Strategy is a flexible discipline, rather than a rigid methodology. This makes it easily adaptable to the unique situation of any enterprise.

Who is it for?

Sentient Strategy is best suited to organizations with revenues of between $20 million and $500 million. But a “lite” version can also be applied within organizations and startups smaller than that. It works equally well for profit-driven businesses of all kinds, as well as non-profits, charities and governmental agencies that are willing and able to drive rapid strategic change.

How does it work?

In a one-day Sentient Strategy workshop, we will:

  1. Assess the strategic success factors that could help or hinder your business in reaching its desired future state.

  2. Select the two or three pivotal factors that should be the focus of your actions.

  3. Create a roadmap of the actions that need to be taken to maximize the impact of those key factors.

  4. Assign accountabilities to ensure progress is made within an agreed timeframe.


I will then be available to offer advice and guidance for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on your needs.

How is this approach different?

Unlike traditional approaches, Sentient Strategy doesn’t require a small army of consultants, complex quasi-scientific approaches or a high six-figure budget. And it won’t result in a set of plans in binders that end up on a dusty shelf.


Instead, it focuses on two contextual axes that are little discussed but absolutely critical when it comes to the agile, real-world implementation of strategy:


  • Business environment awareness

  • Decision impact consciousness


In other words, strategic sentience.


What that means for you is faster results, and a flexible template for adjusting course regularly.


I am one of just two dozen experts certified in delivering Sentient Strategy worldwide, and the only provider based in Europe. 

What are the next steps?

Simply click below to send me a message or book a no-obligation call with me to discuss how Sentient Strategy can transform your business.

Sentient Strategy® is a registered trademark of Alan Weiss and is offered here with permission of the trademark owner.

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