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Unlike some other consultants, I don't think businesses and their executives are problems that need fixing. But I do know that many aren't fulfilling their true potential. I help put them in the best position to do so, and then advise them on the journey.

Clients think of me as an extra pair of eyes that can help them see things they may be missing, and an extra brain that can help them develop that hidden potential. Although their needs vary, I typically help them:

• Successfully launch, relaunch, reposition and grow offerings, channels and entire businesses
• Identify new or hidden value that can dramatically increase revenues and margins
• Define how positioning needs to change to succeed in new geographies or markets
• Maximize the personal performance, profile and influence of key executives

Your Benefits:

• Significant top and bottom line growth

• Faster attraction of investment/acquisition
• Improved sales, marketing and channel partner performance
• Higher target customer growth and retention

• An ROI-optimized sales and marketing operation

• Higher productivity, and more time and energy to evangelize about your business

I currently work with multi-billion dollar corporations, mid-sized software firms and cybersecurity startups in Europe, the US and Japan. In 2020, I'm increasing my focus on improving the position of businesses in the biotech and IT security sectors.

In 2018, I graduated from the Million Dollar Consulting College in the US, run by Alan Weiss PhD, widely recognized as one of the most successful independent consultants of all time, and author of 60+ books on consulting.

I am also a European Ambassador for the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, a leading global consultancy association based in California.

Let’s discuss how I can help position you and your business for stellar success. Contact me now at

SOME SAY: "If Hamish didn't exist, I'd have to invent him." Janine Ege, Head of EMEA Marketing Strategy,


Personal Background


Originally from a small village in the south-east of England, I've been living and working in Munich, Germany since 2002.


I don’t believe in work/life balance. To me, it’s all just life.


But when I’m not helping my clients, you will often find me spending time with my family, watching Bayern Munich, hiking up a Bavarian mountain, or enjoying Germany’s derestricted Autobahns.


Oh, fast vergessen: wir können uns auch gerne auf Deutsch unterhalten!

About me



The Roadmap: All my consultancy work starts with a roadmapping workshop that helps me understand your business, your customers and your objectives. Afterwards, you get a detailed plan for achieving your ideal outcome. This is a fixed price service that can be offset against your investment in me to execute on that plan.

The Engagement: I focus on helping you achieve your objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can find more information on how I do that by clicking on one of the colored tabs at the top of the page, or checking out the Competencies page.

Values: As the European Ambassador for the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC), I adhere relentlessly to that organization’s code of ethics. I also guarantee the quality of my work – always.

Fees: I charge my clients according to the value I can deliver, based on the expected outcome of the engagement. I do not use hourly or daily rates, simply because they provide poor value to you by rewarding long working hours instead of results.


I don't charge for travel time, but I may ask for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses, based on the lowest available economy fare and standard room rate with my preferred airline/hotel. I may choose to upgrade, but I don’t expect you to pay for it. 




  • You need to define or redefine the value your organization offers to customers, and how you deliver it.

  • You need to reposition a business, division, product, service or solution.

  • You need to differentiate your business and/or a ‘me too’ product or service more effectively from your competitors.

  • You need to communicate your key value proposition and marketing messages more effectively, externally and internally.

  • As a technology vendor, you need to transition from a hardware-centric business model, to one based on solutions.

  • You need to create the internal change required to deliver on the value you promise your customers.

  • You need to enhance your personal profile and performance as an executive.


If you’re not sure if I can help you solve a particular issue, contact me anyway. Even if I can’t help, I probably know somebody who can.



I’m based in Munich, Germany but I travel extensively in Europe and the US. I also have a registered address and the use of office space in New York. Here are the trips I have planned as of October 2018. Let’s meet up!

  • November 4th-6th 2018: Düsseldorf, Germany

  • December 3rd-8th 2018: Boston area, USA 

  • April 8-12th 2019: Washington D.C., USA

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