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Job interviews

Attract your ideal employees

Most businesses are either having trouble finding good people, keeping them, or both. I can help you create a working environment that great people will love.

How to you attract and retain top talent?

It’s not about filling the office with bean bags and beer fridges. Most of the time it’s not even about more money.

But you can’t win the talent war without recognizing that in the last two years, the world of work has changed forever. 

What most people value in our post-Covid, never normal world is flexibility, meaning, stability and autonomy. They also want to be treated with respect, empathy and gratitude.

None of this is rocket science, but it is a competitive imperative.

Stop managing by spreadsheet. Start leading with empathy.

  • Develop a compelling value proposition for your employees.

  • Start selecting talent, rather than filling positions.

  • End the meeting madness that kills productivity.

  • Give people the autonomy and flexibility to work their way.

  • Ensure healthy, frequent and open internal communication.

We can work together in 4 ways

Lunch & Learn

A fun and interactive hour on creating a fit-for-purpose working environment for the post-Covid world.

1-day Workshop

Together, we’ll define your ideal employees, craft an irresistible value proposition, and structure a compelling internal communications strategy.

Consulting Engagement

I'll help you make your job ads, working practices, and internal  communications more effective with strategy, sparring and hands-on support.

Advisory Retainer

You can reach out to me to discuss any aspect of your talent strategy, from recruitment to working practices and on/offboarding.

NOTE: I can work with you at your offices, online or at the Drivers & Business Club, Munich (

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Lunch & Learn

45-60 minutes, low fixed fee, unlimited attendance

A short, fun and interactive session on the key elements of a fit-for-purpose working environment in our post-Covid, never normal world.

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1-day Workshop

One day or two half-days, fixed fee, max. 8 attendees

In just a few hours, I’ll guide you through a proven process for identifying your ideal employees, crafting an irresistible value proposition for them, and define a magnetic working environment.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • You’re finding it difficult to attract or retain the best people.

  • You’re finding it challenging to make hybrid working, well, work.

  • Employees are complaining about too many meetings.

  • Remote teams are not working together effectively.

  • You’re trying to integrate teams across cultures/post-acquisition.

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Customized scope, duration and investment, for CEOs, CHROs and other senior executives

We’ll find ways to make your employee value proposition more compelling, retain key talent, adopt sane working practices, optimize hybrid work, dramatically improve productivity and ensure effective internal communications.

This engagement is for you if you need help to:

  • Help you create or evolve your employee value proposition.

  • Set sane working policies that work in a post-Covid world.

  • Improve remote worker productivity and collaboration.

  • Strengthen remote, cross-cultural relationships within teams.

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of all your internal communications.

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Fixed monthly retainer, 3-month minimum, CEOs and up to 2 other executives

As a CEO, CHRO or senior executive, sometimes you just need an experienced, independent sounding board or sparring partner to address a specific challenge.

As your executive advisor, I will be an on-call voice of reason no matter what the situation. I will also help deal with specific talent strategy issues in an agile way, and provide guidance on executing effectively.

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