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Attract your ideal partners

Partners have a lot of vendor options. You need very good reasons for them to build their businesses with you. I can help you find, engage and maximize the performance of your key partners.

How do you get partners to prefer working with you?

The short answer is, offer them something they just can’t get anywhere else. That could be the quality of your relationship, the sales support you provide, the access to senior executives you offer, the value of the events you run and so on.

But whatever options you choose, you need to go all-in to generate lasting loyalty.

The more closely you work with your best partners, the more likely it is you will accelerate growth for you and them.

Work with them, not through them.

  • Get specific and selective about who you want to work with.

  • Treat partners as extensions of your business, not just an additional channel to market.

  • Give partners time to prove their commitment but be ruthless about disengaging.

  • Offer content, collaboration and support that they can’t get anywhere else.

  • Provide a clear development path that rewards performance and loyalty. 

We can work together in 4 ways

Lunch & Learn

A fun and and interactive hour on the common partner business mistakes you need to avoid, and what to do instead.

1-day Workshop

Together, we’ll define your ideal partners, craft an irresistible value proposition, and structure a compelling story for your partner recruitment.

Consulting Engagement

I'll help you make your approach to partners innovative, compelling and successful with end-to-end partner ecosystem management.

Advisory Retainer

You can reach out to me to discuss any aspect of your partner value proposition, channel strategy, or partner performance issues.

NOTE: I can work with you at your offices, online or at the Drivers & Business Club, Munich (

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Lunch & Learn

45-60 minutes, low fixed fee, unlimited attendance

A short, fun and interactive session on the most common mistakes B2B SaaS businesses make when building a partner ecosystem, and how to avoid them.

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1-day Workshop

One day or two half-days, fixed fee, max. 8 attendees

In just a few hours, I’ll guide you through a proven process for identifying your ideal partners, crafting an irresistible value proposition, and structuring a compelling story for your partner recruitment efforts.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Need a structured way to build your partner network.

  • Aren’t sure what your ideal partner profile looks like.

  • Are wasting resources on underperforming partners.

  • Want to attract more high performing partners.

  • Want to create or refine your partner value proposition.

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Customized scope, duration and investment, for founders and boards

Together, we’ll find ways to make your entire partner business approach more innovative, compelling and successful. From partner recruitment to program development, engagement and business planning, we will help you create a partner offer that’s unique in your market.

This engagement is for you if you need help to:

  • Develop an end-to-end partner ecosystem strategy.

  • Audit and improve your existing partner business performance.

  • Create or overhaul your channel partner program.

  • Improve existing partner performance.

  • Engage your partners consistently.


Fixed monthly retainer, 3-month minimum, founders and up to 2 other executives

As a CEO or channel business leader, sometimes you just need an experienced, independent sounding board or sparring partner to address a specific challenge you’re facing.

As your executive advisor, I will be an on-call voice of reason no matter what the situation. I will also help you deal with specific challenges, solve immediate partnership challenges and connect you with new market or partnering opportunities.

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