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Hi, I'm Hamish Mackenzie

I help small and midsized businesses all over the world identify and profit from their hidden potential. I do this by consulting in four main areas:

  • Strategic positioning for launch, growth or acquisition

  • Establishing unique value across products, services, sales, marketing and customer experience

  • International expansion from Europe to North America or vice versa

  • Optimizing executive performance for maximum daily impact


Why do I focus on uncovering hidden potential? I grew up in a small village around 30 miles west of London, England. I was fortunate to be surrounded by an abnormally large proportion of people who were either already very successful or would become so, across a wide range of disciplines – athletics, acting, business, music, TV presenting, and journalism, among others. As I progressed through school, college and my first few jobs in sales and market analysis, I struggled to emulate them. I wasn't sure why, but I was sure that I could do something about it. As it turned out, I had to emigrate to Germany on my 30th birthday with no job, no money and no language skills to start to identify that "something".

Business Experience.

Fast forward to 2006 and while working for a German marketing agency delivering content projects for technology firms, I got a call from a previous employer asking me to do some market analysis on a contract basis. I didn’t need asking twice, and suddenly, I had my first client and a new business to run. Since then, I’ve helped the likes of Oracle, Microsoft and SAP (as well as dozens of midsized businesses, start-ups and scale-ups) uncover and profit from their hidden potential. Along the way, I've increased my annual revenues 10-fold and built a strong customer base across Europe, North America and most recently, Japan. My clients currently include billion-dollar corporations, mid-sized software firms and cybersecurity start-ups.


Although their needs vary, I typically help my clients:


  • Successfully launch, relaunch or reposition offerings, channels and entire businesses

  • Generate unique value to increase revenues and margins

  • Build a strategy for expanding internationally in North America and/or Europe

  • Grow sales pipeline for new products and services within weeks

  • Push the personal performance of key executives to new heights


As you might expect from someone who focuses on uncovering hidden potential, I’m a big believer in continuous development. In 2018, I graduated from the Million Dollar Consulting College in the US, run by Alan Weiss PhD, widely recognized as one of most successful independent consultants of all time.


I am also a European Ambassador for the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, a leading global consulting industry association based in California. In addition to my native English, I also speak fluent German.

How I Work.

In short: differently from most other consultants.


  • I believe in agile activity and simple solutions that get results quickly, not grand plans, complex methodologies and 100-slide PowerPoint decks.

  • I believe hourly and daily rates are unethical because they provide poor value to you by rewarding the length of the engagement, instead of results. That’s why my fees are based on the value I can deliver, according to the expected outcomes of the engagement.

  • I want to work with you, not for you. Think of me as an extra pair of eyes that can help you see things you may be missing, and an extra brain that can help you develop that potential.


So, what’s next?


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