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Hi, I'm Hamish Mackenzie

I help high-potential biotech and IT security firms all over the world identify and profit from their hidden potential. I do this by consulting in four main areas:

  • Strategic positioning for launch, growth or acquisition

  • Establishing unique value across products, services, sales, marketing and customer experience

  • International expansion from Europe to North America or vice versa

  • Optimizing executive performance for maximum daily impact

Business Approach.

Unlike some other consultants, I don't assume businesses and their executives are problems that need fixing. But I do know that many aren't fulfilling their true potential. I help put them in the best position to do so, and then support/advise them as they execute.

Although their needs vary, I typically help them:

• Successfully launch, relaunch, reposition and grow offerings, channels and entire businesses
• Identify new or hidden value that can dramatically increase revenues and margins
• Define how positioning needs to change to succeed in new geographies or markets
• Maximize the personal performance, profile and influence of key executives

Your Benefits:

• Significant top and bottom line growth

• Accelerated attraction of investment/acquisition
• Improved sales, marketing and channel partner performance
• Higher target customer growth and retention
• An ROI-optimized sales and marketing operation

• Higher productivity, and more time and energy to evangelize about your business

I currently work with multi-billion dollar corporations, mid-sized software firms and cybersecurity startups in Europe, the US and Japan. In 2020, I'm increasing my focus on improving the position of businesses in the biotech and IT security sectors.

In 2018, I graduated from the Million Dollar Consulting College in the US, run by Alan Weiss PhD, widely recognized as one of the most successful independent consultants of all time, and author of 60+ books on consulting.

I am also a European Ambassador for the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, a leading global consultancy association based in California.


Originally from a small village in south-east England, I am now based in Munich and speak fluent German. I also visit the US four times per year on average.

Let’s discuss how I can help position you and your business for stellar success. Contact me now at info@hamishmackenzie.com.

“Over the years, Hamish’s expertise has helped us position and communicate the value of our business and product portfolio much more effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Oliver Bendig, CEO, Matrix42 AG


"If Hamish didn't exist, I'd have to invent him."

Janine Ege, Head of EMEA Marketing Strategy, Salesforce.com

How I Work.

In short: differently from most other consultants.


  • I believe in agile activity and simple solutions that get results quickly, not grand plans, complex methodologies and 100-slide PowerPoint decks.

  • I believe hourly and daily rates are unethical because they provide poor value to you by rewarding the length of the engagement, instead of results. That’s why my fees are based on the value I can deliver, according to the expected outcomes of the engagement.

  • I want to work with you, not for you. Think of me as an extra pair of eyes that can help you see things you may be missing, and an extra brain that can help you develop that potential.


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