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Meet Hamish Mackenzie.

Hamish Mackenzie is the valuable difference champion.

Author, facilitator, advisor and coach, he helps international technology businesses identify new customer value and monetize it.

Working with business owners, CEOs and their senior executive teams, Hamish has over a decade’s worth of stunningly successful projects for startups, SMEs and large corporates across Europe, the US and Japan under his belt.

Working with Hamish is guaranteed to identify fresh opportunities for establishing differentiation, adding customer value and driving profitable revenue.

Hamish reaches global audiences online through his "Insperatus" newsletter, regular blog and “Growth Position” podcast. He is also the author of multiple ebooks including “10 Paths to Uncovering Unique Customer Value” and “Extraordinary made easy”. He is also working on his first published book, “Value Mining: The CEO’s Guide to Discovering and Monetizing Hidden Potential”.

What you should know about working with Hamish

  • You should expect to have your thinking and assumptions challenged.

  • The goal of his work is success, not perfection.

  • He takes on a strictly limited number of clients to protect the quality of the outcomes he helps them achieve.

  • He is happy to work remotely, but prefers to meet his clients in person at least once – even if that means flying half way around the world.

  • He does not negotiate on the price of his services. Ever.

  • If he is not a good fit for your needs, he will tell you so and do his best to find an alternative resource.

  • He prefers to work with serious business people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

How Hamish got here.

Path Finder

Despite his comically Scottish name, Hamish grew up in a sleepy village in the south-east of England. Throughout his childhood he developed a reading and writing ability far beyond that of his peers, and yet went on to study Geography rather than Literature. He graduated with honors from Leeds University in 1994, after making the Dean’s List of Scholars at the University of South Florida in 1992.

Always international in outlook, Hamish moved to Munich on his 30th birthday with no money and no job, marrying his implausibly optimistic German Iranian wife a year later. He has since become fluent in German and was awarded German citizenship in 2020. In the course of his work, he travels extensively across Europe, North America and Japan.

Father of two daughters and a son, all of whom have an English first name and an Iranian middle name, Hamish spends his spare time with them, as well as hiking, watching Bayern Munich beat pretty much everyone, and driving German performance cars. He also volunteers with the Munich Multinational chapter of Lions Club International, supporting local organizations for homeless people and autistic children, among others.

Value Miner

If there’s one thing that upsets Hamish it’s mediocrity, mainly because it’s so avoidable. He believes passionately that small investments in thinking and effort can add disproportionate amounts of value to customer experiences and, as a result, drive exponential growth for the businesses that deliver them.

His work involves helping business owners and CEOs take a step back from daily business to shine a light on potential causes of underperformance and dig for opportunities to add new value. 

Specifically, he focuses on fast, inexpensive ways to generate that value, rather than slow, complex and  ruinously expensive innovation projects.

Lifelong Learner

Hamish takes personal development very seriously. He has spent tens of thousands of dollars and traveled all over the world to learn from the world’s leading experts in consulting, productivity and coaching. Despite this he is, just like his mentor Alan Weiss, “constantly surprised at how stupid I was two weeks ago.”

When working with his clients, he leverages his accumulated knowledge to challenge orthodoxy, assumptions and “we’ve always done it this way” thinking wherever he finds it. And when in doubt, he usually finds that the simplest option is the best one.


“If Hamish didn’t exist, I would have to invent him.”

— Janine Ege, Head of EMEA Marketing Strategy,

Ready to talk?

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